Personal Alarm Watch
Personal Alarm Watch

Personal Alarm Watch

The best personal alarm for home and outside

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Personal Alarm Watch

Personal Alarm Watch

The best personal alarm for home and outside

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Thank you so much for the watch, I think it is great, so easy to wear and so comfortable. It certainly gives you confidence to travel and know you are safe.


Thank you very much for your excellent customer service, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.


I have only had the watch for 3 weeks but I feel much safer now that I have the ability to contact help no matter where I am. I must also commend the customer care follow up, they present as people who really care for us users.


When you live alone, it’s a comfort to feel you can get help when you need it so the watch is a big advantage.


I feel very safe even when out walking or driving alone as I know the support team can pick up my location even if I am unable to speak. My best buy for a very long time.


It's much more stylish and discreet than the white/orange, home only option. I like the fact It does not scream “gadget for the elderly”


Unlimited Range

Get help anywhere in the UK, at home or on the go.


Peace of Mind

Get help, 24/7, at the push of a button.



The watch is easy to use, discreet and lightweight.


Highly Experienced Team

Our team have monitored alarms for over 30 years.

The Best Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm Watch vs Traditional Alarms

Features A Traditional Pendant AlarmTraditional Alarm The Personal Alarm WatchPersonal Alarm Watch
Works at home
Power cut safe
Functions when the landline is down
Unlimited range
Discreet and not stigmatising
Sends location in an emergency
Speaker and microphone on wrist
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Hold down the button to get help.

Phone Calls

A speaker, microphone and SOS SIM are built in.


Send the team your location when the alarm is raised.

Tell the Time

It displays the time and day at the click of a button.


The watch will be ok with a few small splashes but it can’t be worn in the shower.

Extended Battery

Lasts 2-5 days on a full charge and makes a sound on low battery.

The UK's Highest Rated Alarm

£ 54.98 Watch
Monthly Charge: £17.99


  • A Personal Alarm Watch
  • 24/7 emergency call monitoring
  • Unlimited named contacts
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Free delivery with Royal Mail
  • 12 month guarantee
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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