Personal Alarm Watch
Personal Alarm Watch

Personal Alarm Watch

Get help anywhere, any time

  • Unlimited range for use all over the UK
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 365 emergency monitoring
  • Discreet design, this is a personal alarm unlike any other
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Personal Alarm Watch

Personal Alarm Watch

Get help anywhere, any time

  • Unlimited range for use all over the UK
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 365 emergency monitoring
  • Discreet design, this is a personal alarm unlike any other
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The UK's Highest Rated Alarm

£ 54.98 Watch
Monthly Charge: £17.99


  • A Personal Alarm Watch
  • 24/7 emergency call monitoring
  • Unlimited named contacts
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Free delivery with Royal Mail
  • 12 month guarantee
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Not 1, Not 2 but 3 Guarantees!

  • 12 month guarantee against any manufacturing defects.
  • 30-day money back guarantee. Return your watch within 30 days and get a full refund.
  • Works straight out of the box. Your watch is set up with your details by our team in the UK.

UK's Highest Rated Alarm Service

97% of our customers gave us 5/5 stars. 100% say they would recommend the watch to their friends.


Thank you so much for the watch, I think it is great, so easy to wear and so comfortable. It certainly gives you confidence to travel and know you are safe.


Thank you very much for your excellent customer service, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.


I have only had the watch for 3 weeks but I feel much safer now that I have the ability to contact help no matter where I am. I must also commend the customer care follow up, they present as people who really care for us users.


When you live alone, it’s a comfort to feel you can get help when you need it so the watch is a big advantage.


I feel very safe even when out walking or driving alone as I know the support team can pick up my location even if I am unable to speak. My best buy for a very long time.


It's much more stylish and discreet than the white/orange, home only option. I like the fact It does not scream “gadget for the elderly”

Whether you are a gardener… dog walker… want to do your own shopping… or just want a bit more peace of mind, you need to get your hands on a Personal Alarm Watch.


Unlimited Range

Get help anywhere in the UK, at home or on the go.


Peace of Mind

Get help, 24/7, at the push of a button.



The watch is easy to use, discreet and lightweight.


Highly Experienced Team

Our team have monitored alarms for over 30 years.

The watch

Using the Watch

Watch this short video to see how the watch works.

Here we demonstrate what it looks like and how it makes a call.

What happens when you have an emergency?

A diagram of what happens when you press your Personal Alarm
17,000+ Calls a Month

Platinum Accredited, UK Based Monitoring Centre

We use one of only 15 'Platinum' TSA accredited monitoring centres in the UK. This means our Essex based team are trained to the highest possible standard in how to triage emergency situations. Our centre brings 30 years experience and handles over 17,000 calls a month.

Coverage all over the UK

The watch connects to the strongest network in the area. This reduces blackspots to an absolute minimum.

97% of the UK's roads and 90% of all indoor locations are covered (Ofcom 2017). Email us on and we can send you a coverage report for your area.



Hold down the button to get help.

Phone Calls

A speaker, microphone and SOS SIM are built in.


Send the team your location when the alarm is raised.

Tell the Time

It displays the time and day at the click of a button.

Improve your health

Stay healthy while monitoring your daily steps, heart rate and blood pressure.

Rechargeable Battery

Lasts 2-5 days on a full charge and makes a sound on low battery.

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Real People - Real Stories

Promoting Independence


Adrian's Personal Alarm Watch gives him peace of mind wherever he goes. He has swapped from his traditional alarm because he wanted to get out and about more. His watch has helped him visit the seaside more often.

"Much more useful than my previous alarm which only worked at home!" - Adrian

Saving Lives


Joan has a rare condition that causes life threatening nosebleeds. These can happen at any time and cause her to bleed out within 10 minutes. Her nurse recommended Personal Alarm Watch to her.

When calling an ambulance for a nosebleed she was always placed in a low priority queue, not appropriate for the severity of the situation.

Now, we navigate the system for her and get the response she needs.

"I'm recommending the watch to everyone, it is champion!" - Joan

Professionals Agree


NHS Occupational Therapist

A helpful product for those at risk of falls in the community. It was good to be a part of the development process from the beginning.


Former TEC Services Association Board Member

The Personal Alarm Watch is an exciting innovation that allows the reach of Technology Enabled Care to extend far beyond the home.



The team's focus on building a better alternative to the standard careline is admirable. If only my mum had had one of these rather than her red button.



Anything that helps my clients stay more active and independant is a great thing.

Our Story

The team

Personal Alarm Watch started in when our founder's experienced first hand how many older people disliked pendant alarms.

They have been designing award winning technology for older people for over 8 years and were both awarded the coveted Forbes 30 under 30 award (in the same year as Adele and Malala) for their work building technology that older people love.

Even the Queen has used their products!

Now with teams in Islington, Kentish Town, Essex and Hong Kong the Personal Alarm Watch is going from strength to strength. We are all working hard on our mission of helping people become more independant.