Personal Alarm Watch

Helen and Oscar's Story

Not letting age take away the things you love

Helen has a collie called Oscar. He’s a very nosey and curious dog but she loves him all the same. A few months ago Helen fell while out on a walk with Oscar.

She spent almost an hour on the ground before another dog walker discovered her.

Helen’s daughter worried about her mother lying out in the cold without anyone knowing where she was. Helen wanted the best of both worlds... to give her daughter peace of mind… without giving up walking Oscar every day.

Now, Helen has got a Personal Alarm Watch to be able to keep walking Oscar. It allows her to call for help anywhere she goes, giving her a safety net while out on walks. This keeps her more active, she says it’s given her 20 years of confidence back.


"It's given me 20 years of confidence back. I'm so pleased I don't have to give up walking Oscar" - Helen

Personal Alarm Watch enables Helen to raise the alarm if she has a problem. She can talk to a UK based 24/7 emergency call centre through the watch. They can access her GPS location and will send the help she needs.

It's stories like these that make Personal Alarm Watch the higest rated alarm system in the UK.

Other People Personal Alarm Watch has helped

Promoting Independence


Adrian's Personal Alarm Watch gives him peace of mind wherever he goes. He has swapped from his traditional alarm because he wanted to get out and about more. His watch has helped him visit the seaside more often.

"Much more useful than my previous alarm which only worked at home!" - Adrian

Saving Lives


Joan has a rare condition that causes life threatening nosebleeds. These can happen at any time and cause her to bleed out within 10 minutes. Her nurse reccomended Personal Alarm Watch to her.

When calling an ambulance for a nosebleed she was always placed in a low priority queue, not appropriate for the severity of the situation.

Now, we navigate the system for her and get the response she needs.

"I'm reccomending the watch to everyone, it is champion!" - Joan

Professionals Agree


NHS Occupational Therapist

A helpful product for those at risk of falls in the community. It was good to be a part of the development process from the beginning.


Former TEC Services Association Board Member

The Personal Alarm Watch is an exciting innovation that allows the reach of Technology Enabled Care to extend far beyond the home.



The team's focus on building a better alternative to the standard careline is admirable. If only my mum had had one of these rather than her red button.



Anything that helps my clients stay more active and independant is a great thing.

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