Personal Alarm Watch
Personal Alarm Watch

Comparing Different Personal Alarms

Learn about the pros and cons of different alarm styles. Compare their prices, contracts and service levels.

Comparing Different Personal Alarms

Personal Alarm Watch

Learn about the pros and cons of different alarm styles. Compare their prices, contracts and service levels.

Decision #1: Will You Need Emergency Help?

There are alarms that simply make a loud noise when they are activated. However, the majority of people choose an alarm that can make an emergency call instead to guarantee that they get the help they need. When this call is answered by a 24/7 monitoring team, they can talk to you and help you get the help you need. This might be calling friends and family or the emergency services.

Decision #2: Are You Housebound?

If you are housebound you may be better off with a traditional alarm. This is a box that connects to your landline and has a speaker and a microphone in it. You wear a red button around your neck which, when pressed, sets off the box. The alarm will only work when you are in your home. It is not suitable for when you are out and about or in the garden.

There are trackers available for people who have dementia; these suffer from a short battery life but track the wearer minute by minute, 24/7.

At Personal Alarm Watch we have chosen to allow tracking but only after the emergency alarm is raised. This treads the line between privacy and saftey for those that do not need 24/7 tracking.

Options for Alarm Types

Decision #3: Prices and Features

Personal alarms have different prices, contract lengths and features.

Below you can see a comparison between some of the leading companies. This should help you make the best decision. All data is correct on date of publication (Feb 2020).


Buddi is a go anywhere Alarm in the form of a bracelet suitable for anyone. It is at the top of the budget with an upfront cost of £253 and a monthly ongoing cost of £20.96. However, it is a flexible option with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one month minimum contract length.

PPP Taking Care

PPP Taking Care provides traditional alarms with a limited range, generally for people who are housebound. They have an upfront cost of £69 and an ongoing monthly cost of 16.48. They are flexible with a one month minimum contract.

Lifeline 24

Lifeline 24 are a budget provider of traditional red button alarms which are suitable for those who are housebound. They have a low upfront cost of £35 and a monthly ongoing cost of £12.49. However, they do not offer a money back guarantee so if you return the alarm for any reason you will loose the £35 upfront fee. At the same time they are the least flexible with a 3 month minimum contract. This means that although they are cheaper on paper the first payment required is £72.47.

Personal Alarm Watch

Personal Alarm Watch is a go anywhere alarm in the form of a discreet watch suitable for anyone. With a Trustpilot rating of 4.9 / 5 it is the highest rated alarm service in the country. The watch cost is £54.98 with an ongoing monthly cost of £17.99. Unlike other providers, we do not charge a setup fee. It is a flexible service with a one month minimum contract and a 30 day money back guarantee. Unlike the other there is no install necessary. It is set up for you before it arrives so you just need to put it on and use it.

Other People Personal Alarm Watch has helped

Promoting Independence


Adrian's Personal Alarm Watch gives him peace of mind wherever he goes. He has swapped from his traditional alarm because he wanted to get out and about more. His watch has helped him visit the seaside more often.

"Much more useful than my previous alarm which only worked at home!" - Adrian

Saving Lives


Joan has a rare condition that causes life threatening nosebleeds. These can happen at any time and cause her to bleed out within 10 minutes. Her nurse reccomended Personal Alarm Watch to her.

When calling an ambulance for a nosebleed she was always placed in a low priority queue, not appropriate for the severity of the situation.

Now, we navigate the system for her and get the response she needs.

"I'm reccomending the watch to everyone, it is champion!" - Joan

Professionals Agree


NHS Occupational Therapist

A helpful product for those at risk of falls in the community. It was good to be a part of the development process from the beginning.


Former TEC Services Association Board Member

The Personal Alarm Watch is an exciting innovation that allows the reach of Technology Enabled Care to extend far beyond the home.



The team's focus on building a better alternative to the standard careline is admirable. If only my mum had had one of these rather than her red button.



Anything that helps my clients stay more active and independant is a great thing.

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